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One of the best Honda engine generator by Tsurumi
Tsurumi Generator - Honda 160CC. Engine: 160CC Honda. Max Output: 2900 Watts. Rated Output: 2200 Watts. 1.2 Gallon Fuel Tank.

One of the best Honda engine generator
Tsurumi Generator 7000 Watt Honda 390CC Electric. 7000 max/5500 rated watt; 390CC Honda recoil/electric start.

One of the best Honda engine generator by Dewalt
With a Honda 5.5 HP OHV GX engine, the DeWalt 4,300-watt 8 HP gas heavy duty generator provides worksite reliability.

One of the best Honda engine generator by Master
10,000 Rated Watts; 11,000 Max. Watts; 620CC Electric Start Honda Engine; 7 Receptacles; Fully Protected Circuit Breakers.

One of the best Honda engine generator by Hitachi
The Hitachi 4,300-watt 8 HP portable generator provides sufficient power while minimizing weight.

Canada Honda Generators:

Honda Power Equipment offers a complete line of portable generators in Canada for commercial (contractor and jobsite), outdoor camping (ultra quiet), and consumer (emergency home backup) applications. Honda generator models are compact, fuel efficient, and provide smooth, clean power. All Honda Generators meet or exceed all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board) standards, in addition these are some of the quietest generators on the market today!

In Canada, the Honda portable generator line is divided in four distinct product sets: Super Quiet, Economy, Deluxe, and Industrial. Each of these contains a range of products targeted specifically at the needs of that particular area. While some honda generators can be powered with LP or Propane gas, none of the Honda models are designed to be permanently mounted on a stationary base outside a residence or small business. In addition, Honda does not offer a line of larger industrial generators or diesel generators.

Honda also produces two generator models specifically for the RV industry.

Best quiet Honda generators:
Honda's line includes three hand-portable lightweight units with power output ratings of 900, 1600, and 2800 watts. Additionally, there are two cart mounted portable generator models with output ratings of 4000 and 5000 watts. All of these generators are considered ultra quiet when compared to their larger non-noise-attenuated counterparts. The hand-portable models are rated at 58 decibels or less and the cart models are rated at a civilized 61 and 68 decibels. If you have need for a really quiet outdoor power generator then these are the models you should look into !

Best economy Honda generators: Honda Economy portable generators are available in power output rating from 2300 watts up to 4500 watts. These units come with manual recoil starting and are built onto tubular steel frame without wheels or handles. Several of these units are considered commercial units ready for the heavy duty usage of a contractor's jobsite. If you want no-frills and enough power to operate a basic set of home appliances in an emergency or several tools around a jobsite, then this line may be what you are looking for. Of course, all units offer quality Honda engines (air cooled), and operate on gasoline only.

Best Deluxe Honda generators: The Honda Deluxe portable generator line include a wide variety of features and offer power output ratings from 3300 watts to 6000 watts of continuous operating power. Most of these models come standard with electric start and remote starting capability and where this is not standard it is an available option. These units are built onto a wheeled frame with handles, are very compact, and feature a honda engine that runs on gasoline (except one model comes rigged for propane), have air cooled engines (except one model features liquid cooling), and none operate on diesel fuel. This line is for the homeowner that wants some serious portable power that is also quiet enough to operate continuously in a residential environment. These units should be connected to a residence with either a manual or automatic transfer switch for maximum safety and convenience.

Best Honda RV generators: The Honda RV generator line offers two compact units. These units feature gasoline fueled, liquid cooled engines, with remote start capability. These units come with a power output ratings of 4000 and 6000 watts respectively.


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