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The popular JD4000 4,000 watt electric generator from Blue Max Direct is serious insurance against a power outage. Whether your boat or RV needs a boost, or you live in a storm-prone area, this generator will keep the lights on and the heat running through almost any situation.

Blue Max Generators:

Tough, rugged, and long-running, the JD4000 easily powers large appliances like refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and well-water pumps; and it's ideal for construction components, too. Saws and air compressors will function with smooth, reliable ease when they're powered by the JD4000.

Always remember to check the wattages listed on your tools or appliances before using this generator in conjunction with them.

Blue Max Direct is a small, family-owned company with 10 years experience in the emergency preparedness field. By offering low-cost, efficient emergency generators, wheel kits, covers, lights, and more, Blue Max Direct helps you provide warmth and comfort during short term power outages. All of Blue Max Direct's are produced by the Jiangsu Jianghuai Engine Company. This exceptional company's history began in 1945, and quality and engineering have been the foundation of its success. With over 3,000 employees (150 engineers) in a 2.5 million square foot manufacturing campus, the Jiangsu Jianghuai Engine Company is an enterprise that is ranked in the top 500 companies in China. The Jiangsu Jianghuai engine company. LTD. manufactures over 1 million engines annually and is rated as one of the top exporters in the Chinese small engine industry.


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