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Amico Diesel Generator
6000 Watt Diesel Generator W/ Welder - from Amico

Amico Diesel Generator with welder:

Detailed Description Model AHW6000LE Frequency 60Hz Voltage (AC) 120V/240V Rated AC Power 6000W Max. AC Power 6500W DC Output 12V/8.3A No-load Vp;tage(DC) 50V Cont.Current (DC) 180A Cont.Rated Voltage (DC) 25V-35V Continuous load Rate 60% Continuous Load Rate 80A-210A Engine Speed 3600rpm Power Factor 1.0(cos) Starting Mode Electric Start & Recoil Start Net Weight 256 lbs / 116 kg Dimensions (LxWxH) 700mmx500mmx620mm Engine Model AH186F(E) Type Single-cylinder, Vertical, 4-Stroke, Direct injection, Air-cooled Diesel Engine Continuous Output 10.0HP Bore x Stroke 86mm x 72mm Displacement 418cc Protection System Low Oil, Warning System / Stop Device Noise Level 72 db(A) at 7 meters Fuel Tank Capacity 3.3 Gallon / 12.5 Liter Lube-oil Capacity 1.6 Liter Crankshaft Direction Clockwise from flywheel end Cooling Type Force air-cooled

Once you've decided to purchase a diesel generator set, there are several considerations you must keep in mind when choosing which set to buy, where to install it and how to install it. Choosing the right machine is not difficult if you take the time to analyze your requirements carefully.

Diesel generators are recommended due to their longevity and lower operating costs. Today's modern diesels are quiet and normally require much less maintenance than comparably sized gas (natural gas or propane) units. Fuel costs per kW produced with diesels is normally thirty to fifty percent less than gas units.

1800 rpm water cooled diesel units operate on average 12-30,000 hours before major maintenance is required. 1800 rpm water cooled gas units normally operate 6-10,000 hours because they are built on a lighter duty gasoline engine block. 3600 rpm air-cooled gas units are normally replaced - not overhauled at 500 to 1500 hours. Because the gas units burn hotter (higher btu of the fuel) you will see significantly shorter lives than the diesel units.


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