Caterpillar Diesel Generators

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Caterpillar Diesel Generator
Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Caterpillar Diesel Generator:

Caterpillar diesel generators have a powerful reputation in a variety of electric power markets - and they have it for a reason. Time and time again, Cat clean diesel generator sets, from 7 to 16,200 kW, and gas-powered generator sets, from 9 to 6,000 kW, deliver consistent performance, durability, reliability and economy, day after day, in some of the world's most grueling conditions.

Caterpillar Industrial Generators

Caterpillar generators are generally used for industrial standby and prime power applications where heavy duty, dependable, rugged, mission critical power is required. Caterpillar has a varity of generators pre-built and available within the smaller end of their product line (generally 7-200 Kw), whereas the larger (up to 16,00Kw) generators need to be configured and custom built specifically for the application that they will serve.

Caterpillar also has a full service Rental option available for those customers that need heavy duty power for a short period of time only. These units are generally trailer-mounted and can be moved to your site as needed.

Caterpillar Marine Generators

Caterpillar also offers a line of marine generator sets, these have power ranges from 11.0 to 5200 ekW. Generator sets are available in heat exchanger or keel cooled options, as well as 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz arrangements. Ratings for generator sets are available in both prime and standby modes, with .8 or 1.0 power factors. Marine generators are specially designed to provide power for boating / ship applications. These units are generally fairly compact and designed to operate in a wet marine environment and have special cooling, intake, and exhaust requirements.


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