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All Kubota generators come equipped with the famed Kubota environmentally friendly diesel engine and share Kubota's reputation for quality, respect for the environment, and slow noise output. Equipment manufacturers around the work use these generators as part of their procucts

Kuboto produces a line of compact and powerful industrial work-site generators all running from Kubota's renowned compact and quiet diesel engines. All of the Kubota generators come built into a sturdy steel enclosure that can be moved around the jobsite with either a tow motor picking it up by its integrated forklift guides built under the unit, or by attancing a cable to its balanced lifting point built into the top of each enclosure.

Once you've decided to purchase a diesel generator set, there are several considerations you must keep in mind when choosing which set to buy, where to install it and how to install it. Choosing the right machine is not difficult if you take the time to analyze your requirements carefully.

Diesel generators are recommended due to their longevity and lower operating costs. Today's modern diesels are quiet and normally require much less maintenance than comparably sized gas (natural gas or propane) units. Fuel costs per kW produced with diesels is normally thirty to fifty percent less than gas units.

1800 rpm water cooled diesel units operate on average 12-30,000 hours before major maintenance is required. 1800 rpm water cooled gas units normally operate 6-10,000 hours because they are built on a lighter duty gasoline engine block. 3600 rpm air-cooled gas units are normally replaced - not overhauled at 500 to 1500 hours. Because the gas units burn hotter (higher btu of the fuel) you will see significantly shorter lives than the diesel units.


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