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Guardian home standby generator
Guardian Plus Home Standby generator.

Guardian UltraSource Portable generator
Guardian UltraSource Portable generator

Guardian Home Standby Generators:

Guardian automatic home standby generators can be installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing residences and businesses. These units are powered by either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG), and come in models ranging in output from 7 to 40 kW. These gensets operate with matched automatic transfer switches that responds within seconds when utility power is lost.

Guardian Portable Generator:

Guardian Ultra Source is the name of the portable generator line offered by Generac. These units are available in two large (for portable generators) output sizes of 12 and 15 kW. These gasoline fuel units feature Generac's full pressure lubricated, air-cooled twin cylinder engine and a two year warranty. The units come standard with a wheel kit, electric start, GFCI outlets, idle speed control and automatic voltage regulation. If you are considering a portable generator these heavy-duty units may be just right for home and light commercial / jobsite usage. They can be attached to an optional Generac manual transfer switch for safe home usage to power multiple applicances or run stand-alone via extension cords.

The Generac Guardian ultra source 15,000-watt portable generator is one of the most powerful portable generator on the market. Powered by a 992 cc Generac OHV V-Twin Industrial Engine industrial grade engine, a powerhouse that's renowned for its reliability, long life, impressive power and smooth, quiet operation, this generator provides enough power to start a 4-ton air conditioning unit.

This engine offers the finest lubrication technology available by providing instantaneous disbursement of lubricant to all engine parts.It also features a spin-on oil filter, which is an automotive style for easy maintenance. It also offers one of the longest life expectancies in the industry, with over 3,000 hours of runtime. Guardian Ultra Source portable generators feature an electronic governor, which maintains steady speed and eliminates voltage drop when loads are applied. This, as well as the automatic voltage regulator, provides a smooth rate of electricity, which is especially important for sensitive electronic devices such as computers.


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