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JD-Tek gasoline power electric generator
JD-Tek 3500 Watt Portable Gasoline Power Generator - Industrial Grade.

JD-Tek Power Generator:

Professional-grade design and construction from JD Tek. Operated Oil: SF or higher grade; Ignition system: T.C.I.; Starting System: Recoil Hand Operated; EPA Approved; not C.A.R.B. certified-not to be sold in California. 4 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity - Unleaded Gasoline. Continuous Operating Hours: 11 Hours.

Always remember to check the wattages listed on your tools or appliances before using this generator in conjunction with them.

Upon determining the generator size you will need, make a list of optional and installation equipment you require. For noise abatement, a residential (not industrial grade) muffler is recommended. A good primary fuel filter/water separator is a must to protect your engine's fuel system. Stand-by generators may require a block heater to keep the coolant/water mix at an adequate temperature for easier starting.

Lifetime lubricated bearing are also recommended. Some less expensive units are not supplied with these bearings. They often require complete disassembly every two or three years for bearing replacement. Good power generators are provided with industrial quality lifetime lubricated bearings.


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