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Katolight home standby power generator
Katolight Home Standby Generator. 15,000 to 60,000 watts. Liquid propane or natural gas.

Katolight diesel power generator
Katolight Diesel Generators. Range in size from 15kW to 2700kW. For agricultural, commercial, industrial, construction.

Katolight Home Generators:

Katolight’s Home Generator line contains generators that are permanently installed into a home's electrical system and mounted on a footing pad outside the customer's home. These generators require professional installation with a transfer switch (also available) and are capable of running on either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas as a fuel source.

Katolight Diesel Generators:

Katolight’s diesel powered generators range in size from 15kW to 2759kW and are offered in low and medium voltages. Their gaseous powered generators range from 25kW to 800kW. Katolight provides power solutions for agricultural, commercial, industrial, construction, healthcare, telecommunications and distributed generation applications. Katolight’s commitment to quality is enhanced by years of experience and their ability to add flexibility to customized power solutions. Katolight partners with top quality engine manufactures to provide the best answer for every power application.

Katolight Corporation also produces commercial engine-generator systems. This product line uses air and liquid cooled diesel, natural gas and liquid petroleum gas engines in sets ranging in size from 5 kW to 2000 kW. Commercial systems feature standard or special controls, as well as components and switchgear to meet specific user standards and requirements. Katolight generator sets are designed to satisfy utility or special purpose applications.


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