Northern Industrial Lightweight Generator

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Northern Industrial Lightweight Emergency Generator
Northern Industrial Lightweight Portable Generator 1000 Watts Maintenance-free brushless generator.

Northern Industrial Generator:

Lightweight, quiet generator is great for camping, picnics, or anywhere you'll need quick power. High-tech engine provides high output with less pollution (perfect for the outdoors).

Engine: Mitsubishi OHV, HP: 2 1/2, Rated Watts: 900, Surge Watts: 1,000, Run Time: 6 Hours @ Full Load, Receptacles (qty.): 2, Noise Level (dB): 63, Fuel Type: Gasoline, Fuel Capacity (gal.): 1 3/16, Low Oil Shutdown: Yes, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 18 x 13 11/16 x 14 13/16.

Types of generators:

Generators come in two basic types: standby and portable. There also are inverters, which are not generators but may meet your needs. The source of backup power you ultimately choose will be determined by many factors, including your power generator.

Portable lightweight generators: Portable emergency generators are versatile. You can use them for emergency power at home, for power in remote locations where utility power is unavailable, or for recreational purposes, like marine or camping. Portable generators are fueled by gas or diesel and include 120-volt power outlets like the ones in the walls of your home.

Standby generators: A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home or commercial building and wired directly into the electric system to provide power to some or all of your home's circuits during a disruption of normal utility power.

Standby emergency generators are fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. The number of circuits to which a standby generator can provide power--and the number of appliances you can run on those circuits--is determined by the power capacity of the generator. Standby generators are about the same size as, and look similar to, a standard central air conditioner.


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