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Platinum Tool Twister Generator
Twister 1250 Watt 2 Cycle Portable Gas Generator.

Twister Generators:

With increasing home power outages, no longer are generators for contractors and campers alone. In fact, a generator can keep a family protected from harm and save thousands of dollars in damage. Platinum Tool Twister or Storm generators are long running, easy to use, reliable tools that can keep anyone in control of their power needs. Don't let the size fool you.

This Twister 1250 proves that big things come in small packages. It has a Powerful 2 Stroke 2HP Engine which runs very quiet--it is rated at 62dbls. This is a 1250 Peak watts, 800 sustained watts power generator. This unit is great for construction, camping, boating and anywhere else portable power is needed. This lightweight generator will power tools, games, pitching machines, lights, refrigerators, TV's, computers and many other electrical devices as long as the combined power requirements do not exceed 800 watts.

In addition, it is perfect for charging batteries when there is no electricity. The charger is built right in! Included is a set of 12 Volt DC cables at not additional charge.

Always remember to check the wattages listed on your tools or appliances before using this generator in conjunction with them.


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